Isaiah 6:1-6; Ephesians 3:2-3a, 5-6; Matthew 2:1-12. Today’s first reading is a prophecy about the radiance of the Lord’s light shining on all nations. The second reading speaks of the Gentiles as co-heirs, along with the Jews, to the promises of Jesus. The Gospel tells of the visit of the Magi to the child Jesus, and how they were led by a star, fulfilling ancient prophesies.

Epifania Del Signore

Qesta solennità celebra la manifestazione di Gesù, salvezza per gli uomini di tutti i popoli. Apriamo i nostri animi a Lui per ritrovare la gioia. Mettiamoci in cammino con la certezza che Gesù, luce del mondo, si lascia trovare e adorare, ci accoglie e ci salva.




住在耶路撒冷的人也看到那顆奇異的星,也看到新生的嬰孩耶穌,但他們覺得沒有什麼希奇 , 沒有什麼特別,可是三賢士多方尋覓,憑信德找到祂。今天,耶穌離我們很近,祂隱藏在麵餅和酒之內,但我們很容易忘記祂離我們多麼近,因為祂願意在尋常中顯示祂自己。我們不要因為耶穌不按我自己的方式顯現而失望 。

我相信,在我們心中,也常常有一顆異星,天主明顯地感召我們,叫我們慷慨地做某一件事 , 放棄某些事物,過某種生活。我們必需像三賢士那樣留神和相信,因為天主也在每天平常的生活中展示祂自己,願我們留心去發掘內心的神光,好能在喜樂中、痛苦中、或每天枯燥乏味的生活中看到祂和祂的母親,得到祂的指引,和祂親近。


From Fr. Gael: When I was a child in the Pre-Vatican Council II days, we used to refer to this feast as “Little Christmas.” On December 25th, the Savior is revealed to the people of Israel, starting with the shepherds. On the Epiphany Jesus is revealed to the rest of humanity. The three Kings represent all humanity. That is evident when we see the Nativity figures in the stable setup. They represent three different ethnic groups. This is meant to be a point of catechesis. Jesus is born for all of us. After they visited Jesus they returned home to their own lands and I am sure proclaimed Jesus there. After all, they are called the Three Wise Men.

And now who proclaims Jesus? They proclaimed him to a pagan world. Who proclaims him to an even more difficult environment, a secularized world? A world which knows he came but which either ignores the fact or really doesn’t care. Who are the Wise Men of our age? The hope is that we know he came, and we care that he came. You and I are charged with revealing Jesus to the world which surrounds us. What a challenge!  “Glory to God in the highest and peace to people on earth.” Let us be Epiphany!”

–Fr. Gael Sullivan, SDB


Sylvia Carcamo


Particular Items

Salesian Boys’ and Girls’ Club Cioppinos! It’s crab season, and around here that means only one thing: SBGC Cioppino! This year the cioppinos will be on January 12, 19, and February 2. Call 415-397-3068 for tickets and availability. And remember: it all supports the Club!

Salesian Cooperators: The Salesian Cooperators group will meet Monday, January 7th at 7pm in the Club conference room for an hour. Current Cooperators are asked to bring their copy of the “Project for Apostolic Life.” Meetings usually last seventy-five minutes long.  All are welcome. Refreshments will be served. For questions on becoming a Salesian Cooperator (Don Bosco’s Third order), contact, 415-310-8551 or

School Open House: SPP School (Kinder – 8) and The Laura Vicuna Pre-K (ages 3-5) will hold their annual open house on Sunday,  January 13 from 10:00-12:00. All are welcome to attend. If you’d like an application for SSPP School, they are available now by visiting our website: or calling 415-421-5219. Pre-Kindergarten applications will be available at our open house or by calling the Pre-K at 415-296-8549

Salesian Saints! January is the month when we celebrate the feasts of a number of our Salesian saints. On January 22 we celebrate the feast of Blessed Laura Vicuña. On January 24, we celebrate St. Francis de Sales. And on January 31 we celebrate the feast of St. John Bosco. All of our Salesian saints, pray for us!

Attn: MEN! St. Patrick’s Seminary Discernment Weekend: From January 18-20 St. Patrick’s Seminary will host their annual Discernment Weekend for men 21 and older who may be considering a vocation to the priesthood. For more information or to register, email the Seminary’s Vocations Director: For more information, go here or email the Archdiocesan Vocations Director, Fr. Pat Summerhays: ‘We need men to give up their lives for Jesus Christ NOW!’

 Choose Life! Walk for Life West Coast: Join fellow Catholics and Pro‐Lifers from all over the western U.S. (and beyond) as we stand for the littlest among us at the 15th Annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco on January 26, 2019. The day starts with Mass at 9:30AM celebrated by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone at St. Mary’s Cathedral. The rally begins at 12:30PM in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza, and the Walk, down the city’s Market Street, begins at 1:30PM. For complete information about the Walk, visit or call 415‐658‐1793.

All-Night Adoration for Life: As always, we have all night Eucharistic Adoration for Life on the Friday before the Walk, beginning at 8PM. We need people to be with Our Lord at all times! If you’d like to schedule an hour or more call Gibbons at 415-421-0809.

“Epiphany is both an event and a symbol. The event is described in detail by the Evangelist [St. Matthew]. The symbolic meaning, however, was gradually discovered as the Church reflected more and more on the event and celebrated it liturgically. After 2,000 years, wherever Epiphany is celebrated, the Ecclesial Community draws from this precious liturgical and spiritual tradition ever new points for reflection.” –St. Pope John Paul II, 6 January, 2000.

Mille Grazie! Thank you to our faithful crew from the Altar Society who did such a magnificent job of decorating the Church for Christmas! It’s never looked better!

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA): The RCIA program has begun. This program is for adults who are interested in the Catholic faith and are willing to journey from inquiring to the receiving of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. Please drop your name and email address off at the parish office.

Religious Education–CCD: The Religious Education CCD program of our parish is in session. All are welcome to the program for grades K to 8, especially students who do not have regular religious education in school. The CCD meets on Sundays from 10-11AM.—please bring children to the Pre-K at 9:45AM.

 CCD Teachers Needed! Would you like to bring the Good News to young people? We need more CCCD teachers for this year’s semester. Please contact the parish office if you are interested in this vital work.

New Facebook Page! Check out our new Saints Peter and Paul Facebook page: It’s a great site with beautiful pictures and to help you keep up with our many events!

Liturgical Calendar

Sunday                  6           The Epiphany of the Lord
Monday                07          Raymond of Peñafort; Priest
Tuesday                08         Christmas Weekday
Wednesday          09         Christmas Weekday
Thursday              10          Christmas Weekday
Friday                    11          Christmas Weekday
Saturday               12          Christmas Weekday
Sunday                  13          The Baptism of the Lord

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