Habakkuk 1:2-3; 2:2-4; 2 Timothy 1:6-8, 13-14; Luke 17:5-10. Habakkuk complains to the Lord, who responds that what Habakkuk awaits will come in time, and the just one shall live because of his faith. Saint Paul writes to Timothy and encourages him in his faithfulness to the Gospel. In the Gospel, the Apostles say to Jesus: Increase our faith. He responds by comparing faith to the size of a mustard seed, and expounding on the role of a good servant.

Domenica 27A Del Tempo Ordinario

L’uomo non deve sfidare la pazienza e la misericordia del suo Signore, calpestando e umiliando i propri simili. A chi si rivolge e Lui chiendendo aiuto nell’orazione e si lamenta del”silenzio di Dio.” Egli mostra il segno de suo Amore provvidente nella Croce del Figlio. San Paola scrive: Dio non ci ha dato uno spirito di timidezza, ma di forza, di saggezza e di operosità.







From Fr. Gael: In the 1970’s when I was a student of theology at the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, there was a store on Telegraph on the south side of University of California in Berkeley It was Logos Bookstore, a Christian bookstore. And at the bookstore, they also sold some religious articles. One of them was a little glass sphere on a chain, and in the sphere was a mustard seed.

This is the image used in the Gospel today, to quantify an amount of faith, a very small amount of faith. Yet that small amount of faith has atomic powers. It could uproot a mulberry tree and cast it into the sea. Imagine if we could quantify the amount of faith each of us has inside of us. Would we have enough to put into a glass sphere on a chain, and what would we do with it? How many mulberry trees in the neighborhood would be missing! –Fr. Gael Sullivan, SDB

Franco Mendoza Cuellar
Victoria Lew

William Cardinal Levada – Dorothy Varacchi
Gloria Alterio – Thomas Lyons, Jr.

Mass Intentions For The Week

Sunday October 6, 2019
7:30 Torchy Prudente +
8:45 Luigi Marciano +
10:15 Thanksgiving from Rosemary Tin and the Tin Family
11:30 John “Giovanni” Borzoni + – In Honor of Madonna del Lume (Conc.)
1:00 Ilva Baccetti +
5:00 Vince Moreci +

Monday October 7, 2019
7:00 Joseph Maggiora & the Maggiora Family +
9:00 Louis, Eugenia, & Raymond Raggio + – Jeff Burns + (Conc.)

Tuesday October 8, 2019
7:00 Angelo Sanguinetti +
9:00 Peter Domenici, III + – Joe Balestreri + (Conc.)

Wednesday October 9, 2019
7:00 Louis Ferralis & Enrichetta Panelli +
9:00 Felice, Carmella, Biagio, & Pina Fazio + – John Rocco & Family + (Conc.)

Thursday October 10, 2019
7:00 Andrea Genoveffa +
9:00 Giuseppe & Angela Balistreri & Family + –Thanksgiving from Mariane Mocanu (Conc.)

Friday October 11, 2019
7:00 Francisco & Maria Spingola +
9:00 Chan Mei Kwan + – Thanksgiving from Mariane Mocanu (Conc.)

Saturday October 12, 2019
7:30 Birthday of Anthony Brazil +
9:00 Sr. Anita Ferrari, FMA + and Sr. Antoinette Mazzia, FMA +
5:00 Pietro, Giuseppa, & Vito Curreri +

Particular Items

La Festa della Madonna del Lume! Today we conclude the 2019 Madonna del Lume celebration. There will be a High Mass at 11:30 AM at Saints Peter & Paul, followed by a refreshments in the cafeteria. The procession honoring La Madonna del Lume, “Our Most Holy Mother of Light,” will begin in front of the Church at 1:45 PM, and all little angels & fisherman are urged to come in costume! La Festa della Madonna del Lume Family Dinner will follow that evening at 5:00PM at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club.

Our Lady of the Rosary: Monday we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

Salesians Cooperators: The cooperators, the lay ministry of the Salesians, founded by Don Bosco himself, will meet Tuesday, October 8, at 7PM, in the Salesian Boys’ and Girls’ Club Conference Room.

Eucharistic Adoration/Scripture Study: Every Wednesday, we have Eucharistic Adoration from 7:00-8:00 PM in the Church. Scripture Study is at 7PM, but in the rectory.

Alcoholics Anonymous: The AA Meets every Thursday at 6:00 PM, in the parish center. “The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking.”-Third Tradition.

100 YEARS!!


100 YEARS!!! You don’t need to be a Bruno Ghezza (above, yikes!) to support your Church! On October 12-13 (next week!) we will celebrate the 100th ANNUAL COLUMBUS DAY BAZAAR! Not too many events in San Francisco are 100 years old, and we are proud that the Bazaar is one of them! This is the major yearly fundraiser for both the Church and School. We NEED volunteers, especially men of the parish. It’s hard work, fun, and you are building the Church of God. Call Gibbons at 415-421-0809. Also, our good Bazaar Chair MaryKate del Campo tells us another way to help. We need:

Unopened wine and liquor – to be sold at our Wine and Liquor booth in the gym.
Desserts – we need store bought cakes, desserts and cupcakes for our Cake booth.  You can sign up to bring a cake on the Friday before or the weekend of Bazaar.
Gift cards/certificates – we need gift cards and certificates from your favorite retailers for the Gift Certificate booth.  This can be $5.00 Starbucks cards, gift cards from your hair salon, your favorite pizza joint, where you get your nails done and even Amazon or Walgreen’s cards in any generous amount.

Don Bosco Study Group: The Study Group will next meet October 15, at 7PM, in the Salesian Boys’ and Girls’ Club Conference Room. The reading will be “Henri Nouwen: Spiritual Direction.”

Attn: Catholic Medical Professionals! On October 18, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at Mater Dolorosa Church 307 Willow Avenue, South San Francisco 94080, Archbishop Cordileone invites all Catholic Medical Professionals to join him as he celebrates a special White Mass for Catholic Medical Professionals on the Feast of St. Luke, physician and patron of the medical profession. A reception will follow. The White Mass is the traditional name given for the Mass for medical professionals, drawn from the white coats that physicians still wear and the white uniforms worn by nurses in times past.

Pre-K Accepting Applications: The Laura Vicuna Pre-Kindergarten of Ss. Peter and Paul School is accepting applications for the fall semester. Please email (prek@sspeterpaulsf.org) or call (415-296-8549) to request an application. Please visit our website http://prek.sspeterpaulsf.org/ for more details.

Attn: Moms & Daughters! On Saturday, October 26 The Archdiocese is hosting its 3rd annual Mother–Daughter event at St Bartholomew Church, San Mateo. This is a fun program that has been tremendously popular around the country. It introduces girls to the beauty and wonder of God’s plan for becoming teenagers and young women. Call: 415-614-5547, email hopfnere@sfarch.org and pick up a flyer from the tables to learn more!

Does your Marriage need help? Wouldn’t be the first or the last! Retrouvaille (pronounced retro-vi) has helped thousands of couples at all stages of disillusionment or misery in their marriage. The program is highly recommended by Archdiocesan Office of Marriage and Family Life. For confidential information about, or to register for the program on October 25-27 call 415-893-1005 or email SF@Retrouvaille.org.

Religious Education – RCIA -Rite of Chris Initiation for Adults: We welcome adults who would like to enter or inquire the Catholic faith. Or those who have not received the Sacraments of Confirmation and or Eucharist. Classes are held every Thursday at 7:00pm to 8:30pm at the Parish Rectory basement.

Saints Peter and Paul Salesian School Accepting Applications: Our K-8 Salesian school is accepting applications for this year and next. Call the school at 415-421-5219 for more information, and visit sspeterpaulsf.org/ to learn more about the school.

Religious Education-CCD: The 2019-2020 Religious Education-CCD program has begun. We still welcome and accept students from Pre-K to Grade 8. Our program is focused on Public school students who do not have an opportunity to have religious education in their school. Classes are held every Sunday from 9:45am to 11:00am. Students are asked to attend the 8:45am Mass, and we meet at the Pre-K room. The goal of the program is to help children to grow in faith and working together with parents we hope to help the children come to experience God in their own lives and to familiarize them with the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church. Congratulations to the Commissioned Catechists of Saints Peter & Paul Parish: Rose Mangini, Edgar Yu, Kathy Woeber Gardner, Rowena Tong, Sr. Kathleen Gibson, FMA, Catarina Lai, Valerie Chan, Alyeda Baubert, Alice Chan, Agnes Szeto, & Kelly Kong.

Help the Elderly in Need: Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly (LBFE). LBFE is a volunteer driven non-profit organization whose mission is to relieve isolation and loneliness among the elderly in San Francisco. LBFE provides many services: coordinating volunteers to do in-home visits on the elder’s birthday, on holidays, or just a seasonal in-home visit. LBFE also provides a Medical Escort Program, where volunteer drivers pick up our elders, take them to their medical appointments, accompany them through it, and then take them home. Majority of the elders served live alone and have no friends or family in their lives. Many live on a fixed income and cannot afford transportation to and from their medical appointments which is why we offer our Medical Escort Program. To find out more email Debbie Uchida, LBFE Volunteer coordinator at duchida@littlebrotherssf.org

2019-2020 Respect Life Essay Contest: Students from 1 through 12 Grades–in Catholic schools and religious education classes, as well as home-schooled students in the Archdiocese of San Francisco–are invited to participate. Winning students receive cash awards from $25 to $250, depending on grade level. Essays must be postmarked by October 31. Full information at https://sfarchdiocese.org/essay-contest

Choose Life! Save lives and souls! This year, for the first time San Francisco’s 40 Days for Life peaceful prayer vigil has added a fall campaign to their Lenten one. The fall campaign is from September 25 to November 3, at two locations: From Mondays through Saturdays: Planned Parenthood, 1650 Valencia Street, San Francisco; On Sundays: Soon-to-be-opened Flagship Planned Parenthood, 1522 Bush Street, San Francisco. Visit 40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/san-francisco/

Liturgical Calendar
Sunday 06 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Monday 07 Our Lady of the Rosary
Tuesday 08 Weekday in Ordinary Time
Wednesday 09 Denis; Bishop, and Companions; Martyrs, John Leonardi; Priest
Thursday 10 Weekday in Ordinary Time
Friday 11 John XXIII; Pope
Saturday 12 Commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sunday 13 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Your faithful donations of last week: $4,042.
Second Collection (For the Poor): $2,318.
Weekly Parish Expenses: $20,715.
Thank you! Your parish appreciates your continued support!

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