Ezekiel 34:11-12, 15-16, 23-24, 30-31-31; Psalm 33; Philippians 4:4-9; Matthew 18:1-6, 10. God will look after his sheep, since bad rulers have led the sheep astray. God will send a new David to lead them who is none other than the Good Shepherd, Jesus. The psalmist tells us: “Blessed are they who put their trust in the Lord.” Paul exhorts all those baptized in Christ to unity, joy, and peace. God’s peace surpasses all understanding and is beyond the power of the human mind. The Gospel tells us that to be a true disciple of Jesus one must be humble and not fear dependence on God the Father.


Festa di San Giovanni Bosco
O padre e maestro della gioventù, San Giovanni Bosco, che tanto lavorasti per la salvezza delle anime, sii nostra guida nel cercare il bene delle anime nostre e la salvezza del prossimo; aiutaci a vincere le passioni e il rispetto umano; insegnaci ad amare Gesù Sacramentato, Maria Ausiliatrice e il Papa; e implora da Dio per noi una buona morte, affinchè possiamo reggiumgerti in Paradiso. Così sia.





From Fr. Gael: Today we celebrate the feast of St. John Bosco, or as he was known, Don Bosco. In mid-February, Salesian Provincials and elected delegates will attend the 28th General Chapter (GC28) of the Salesians of Don Bosco. They will gather in the city of Turin in Northern Italy where Don Bosco began his mission to serve youth. Turin, at that time, was in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. Many young men came to Turin from the countryside to seek employment. They were without family and without guidance. Thus began the Salesian Charism.

The meeting in Turin, GC28, has as its purpose to seek to understand how we Salesians are to serve the young people of our times. The world is as difficult now, if not more so, than it was then. The Church struggles to evangelize in an increasingly secular and materialistic world. However, the challenge remains the same. How can we help young people to discover their vocation in life, and one centered in the person of Jesus Christ?

The meeting will end at the end of the first week of April. I ask your prayers for the Salesian Family worldwide during this time that we may be faithful to the charism which the Holy Spirit inspired in Don Bosco. May Don Bosco live in us today. –Fr. Gael Sullivan SDB

Gia Christine Martinez
Rest in Peace
Mike Dunne – Gloria Lavezzo


Mass Intentions For The Week

Sunday  January 26, 2020
7:30 Mario Amato +
8:45 Geraldine Walsh +
10:15 For the People of Saints Peter and Paul
11:45 Carla Ferrando +
1:00 Thomas Le Van Truoc + & Monica Le Thi Gio +
5:00 Gino Fannuchi +

Monday  January 27, 2020
7:00 Andrew & Laura Cox +
9:00 Special Blessings for Mallory Maranghi

Tuesday   January 28, 2020
7:00 Ronald Ricossa +
9:00 Alfredo Panelli +

Wednesday January 29, 2020
7:00 Healing Craig Williams
9:00 In Honor of Madonna della Guardia

Thursday   January 30, 2020
7:00 Frank Sanguinetti +
9:00 Patrick Ahern +

 Friday  January 31, 2020
7:00 Joseph Leo Torre & Family +
9:00 Ernesto Piazza +

 Saturday  February 1, 2020
7:30 In Memory of Deceased Salesians +
9:00 In Memory of Deceased Salesians +
5:00 Anniversary of the Death of Alicia Jimenez Yao +

Particular Items

St. John Bosco: Today, we celebrate the Feast of St. John Bosco, founder of the Salesians. Starting with almost nothing the great saint founded what is now the second-largest men’s order and co-founded the largest women’s order in the Catholic Church—present in almost every country in the globe. Not to mention 30,000 Salesian cooperators in at least 60 counties! St. John Bosco, on your feastday, pray for us!

Second Collection: Today we have a second collection for the Church in Latin America. Please be generous!

Catholic Schools Week! This week is Catholic Schools Week! The school will host a book fair through Wednesday in the parish center. Monday is Teacher Appreciation Day, Tuesday is Principal Appreciation Day, Wednesday is the Science Fair, plus an evening Open House,  Thursday is Don Bosco Fun Day, Friday is Salesian Appreciation and Grandparents’ Day, with a 9AM School Liturgy on the Feast of St. John Bosco! And the Scholastic Book Fair is all week in the Parish Center. We thank the wonderful principal, teachers and staff of Saints Peter and Paul school!

“If young people are educated properly, we have moral order; if not, vice and disorder prevail. Religion alone can initiate and achieve a true education.” –Don Bosco

Don Bosco Study Group: The study group will meet on  Tuesday, January 28, at 7PM, in the Club meeting room. The meeting will begin with a short presentation on a Salesian subject, and then will discuss Willa Cather’s Death Comes for the Archbishop. For more information email franklavin@comcast.net

Eucharistic Adoration/Scripture Study: Every Wednesday, we have Eucharistic Adoration from 7:00-8:00 PM in the Church. Scripture Study is at 6:30PM, but in the rectory.

Alcoholics Anonymous: The AA Meets every Thursday at 6:00 PM, in the parish center. “Don’t believe in miracles? A bunch of drunks got together and solved a problem!” Unofficial AA motto.

Saints Peter and Paul School Scholarship Fund: With San Francisco’s cost of living, lack of funds may prevent children from receiving a Catholic Education. The Salesians began by educating the children of the poor, and we are not about to exclude those who cannot make the total fee. But, like Don Bosco before us, we need help. Are there parishioners and/or friends who might consider contributing to the sponsorship of a student who might be otherwise forced to leave? All recipient family qualifications will be verified by Saints Peter and Paul School. For more information, feel free to call Fr. Gael at 421-0809 or Dr. Harris at 415-421-5219.

Saints Peter and Paul Salesian School Accepting Applications: Our K-8 Salesian school is accepting applications for this year and next. Call the school at 415-421-5219 for more information, and visit sspeterpaulsf.org/ to learn more about the school.

Chinese New Year’s Mass: On February 1, there will be special Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral celebrating Chinese New Year’s. Bishop Emeritus Ignatius Wang, Bishop William Justice, and Bishop Daniel Walsh, and many priests, will celebrate. All are welcome to the New Year Eucharistic Celebration and Ancestors Veneration Ceremony. A banquet will follow (reservations required). Please pick up a flyer for more information.


Celebration for God’s Special People: On Saturday, February 8, at 11:00 AM, at St. Mary’s Cathedral Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone will celebrate Mass for special needs adults and children. Catholic adults and children with disabilities, and their families and friends, are invited to participate in a mass designed for them. Every parish has members with disabilities – this is a day for all to join in the celebration of Mass as a community supporting inclusivity of our special needs family.

Our Lady of Lourdes: February 11 is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes,. We will have a recitation of the Rosary after 7:00 am Holy Mass at the Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes. All parishioners are invited and encouraged to attend as we ask the intercession of our Blessed Mother!

Wedding Anniversaries Mass with Archbishop Cordileone! On Saturday, February 29, at10:00 AM, at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Archbishop Cordileone will celebrate Mass for husbands and wives who will celebrate 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 or more years in 2020. A reception will follow. To learn more or register go here: https://sfarch.org/wedding-anniversary-mass-misa-de-aniversario-de-bodas . Flyers are also on the tables.

Speaking of Vocations: Could God be Calling Me? YES! God calls each of us to life, to wholeness, and to service. The task of the young adult is to discern what path God wants him or her to follow.

The Lord calls most people to marriage and family. For the Christian young adult this is a very important decision. Choosing to marry is not just a romantic response, but also a very specific process that includes prayer, investigation, involvement, and experience.

God calls some people to religious life as a Sister, Brother, or Priest. A religious vocation follows the same process. We call this the discernment process. Want to learn more about the Salesian Vocation? Email Fr. John Roche, SDB at jrochesdb@gmail.com

Liturgical Calendar
Sunday 26 External Feast of St. John Bosco
Monday 27 Angela Merici; Virgin, Religious Foundress
Tuesday 28 Thomas Aquinas; Priest, Doctor
Wednesday 29 Weekday in Ordinary Time
Thursday 30 Weekday in Ordinary Time
Friday 31 John Bosco; Priest, Founder
Saturday 01 Commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sunday 02 The Presentation of the Lord

Your faithful donations of December  $4,035.
Second Collection (Parish School): $1,788..
Weekly Parish Expenses: $20,715.
Thank you! Your parish appreciates your continued support!

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