Acts 2:1-11; 1 Corinthians 12:3b-7, 12-13; John 20:19-23. The first reading recounts the dramatic coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples — and their resulting ability to speak in different tongues. In his Letter to the Corinthians, Saint Paul writes that while there are different kinds of spiritual gifts, there is but the same Spirit, and the same God. In the Gospel, Jesus appears to the disciples in a locked room, gives them the Holy Spirit, and grants them the authority to forgive sins.


Domenica di Pentecoste

Con la Pentecoste, prende corpo l’impegno della comunità mandata ad annunciare le grandi opera di Dio. La Chiesa si fa annunciatrice di un messaggio nuovo, rivolto ad ogni uomo, chiamato ad inserirsi nella grande famiglia, edificata sull’amore di Gesù.




聖母藉聖神的德能懷孕生了耶穌,耶穌藉祂的聖神開始了另一個新的創造 —— 祂的奧體 ——教會,因此聖神降臨之日可以說是教會的生日。

耶穌復活後多次顯現給門徒,命他們到普天下去教訓萬民,給他們付洗,今天祂又交給他們赦罪的權柄,但門徒們都是軟弱的、沒有多少知識的人,他們大部份都是漁夫,怎能承擔這重任呢?所以祂向他們吹了一口氣,象徵聖神要降臨到他們身上。耶穌要他們祈禱、準備,迎接這偉大的時刻。今天的讀經一,我們讀到他們在祈禱中,聖神藉火舌的形象,降到他們的身上,他們都充滿聖神,他們不再軟弱了, 勇敢地出外傳教,而且能說外方的語言。



From Fr. Gael: The first reading gives us an account of Pentecost from Acts of the Apostles authored by St. Luke. The Gospel gives a Pentecost event description from the Gospel of John. John’s description is much more succinct. What exactly happened is not as important as the fact that the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles and the disciples. The eyes of their faith were opened and their hearts were filled with the realization of who Jesus was. And that was fire! They, who had been locked away in a room found the courage of their realization and conviction of Jesus Christ and in that moment Christianity blossomed and the Church was born. We are part of the consequence of that moment. I think the world once again needs to feel the power and the fire of the Holy Spirit so that a refreshed and renewed Christianity may enliven us. And so, will I, will you be art of that new FIRE. –Fr. Gael Sullivan, SDB


Mass Intentions For The Week

Sunday                  May 31, 2020
7:30        Anton & Angela Canepa +
8:45        Irene Moreci +
10:15     For the People of Saints Peter and Paul
11:45     Ernesto Bacini & Carla Ferrando +
1:00        Antonio Corona +
5:00        Florence Rubino +

 Monday                 June 1, 2020
7:00        Felice, Grazia, Francisco, & Maria Spingola +
9:00        Louis, Eugenia & Raymond Raggio + – Birthday of Dolores Meehan (Conc.)

Tuesday                  June 2, 2020
7:00        Wedding Anniversary of Andrea & Rose Marenzi +
9:00        Joseph Maggiora & the Maggiora Family +

Wednesday          June 3, 2020
7:00        Erwin Castillo +
9:00        Thanksgiving from Antonio Sia Lu

Thursday              June 4, 2020
7:00        Nicola Sanguinetti +
9:00        Anton & Angela Canepa +

Friday                   June 5, 2020
7:00        Franco, Pia, & Lodovico Ortesi +
9:00        Italo Giannone +

Saturday              June 6, 2020
7:30        Josephine Ross +
9:00        Juan Lueza +
5:00        For the People of Saints Peter and Paul


Richie Alioto – Romanie Rajhboy – Donna Traverso


Particular Items


Welcome, new Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Today, the Solemnity of Pentecost,
seven adults will be baptized and initiated into the Catholic Church
here at Saints Peter & Paul:

Adults receiving the Sacraments of Initiation:

Michael Elliott
Rebekah Grace Elliott
Shane Kennedy
Paul Yu Luo Chen
Teresa Amy Sui Bing Leung

Adults receiving the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist:

Flavia Silva Pinto
Steven Joseph Caporelli

The Mass will be live-streamed at 4PM today.
Please pray for them on this wonderful day,
and Candidates and Catechumens, please pray for us!


Second Collection: Today we have a second collection for the poor. You may donate here, and please indicate “Second Collection” in the designations menu. You can of course make your Sunday offerings there too Please be generous!

Chinese Rosary: The Chinese Apostolate will host their weekly Rosary and Social after Mass this Sunday. Here’s the login info:

Zoom Meeting
Sunday 5/31/2020 10:45 am to 12:30 pm
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 831 9037 2349
Password: 103867
One tap mobile
+16699009128,,83190372349#,,1#,103867# US (San Jose)
Dial by your location
+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)

Meeting ID: 831 9037 2349
Password: 103867
Find your local number: Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing

Daily Rosary: When the Coronavirus ends: we are now praying the Rosary daily following the 7:00AM Mass. Come join us in front of Our Lady’s altar!

Alcoholics Anonymous: When the coronavirus ends, the AA Meets every Thursday at 6:00 PM, in the parish center. “Don’t believe in miracles? A bunch of drunks got together and solved a problem!” Unofficial AA motto.

Saints Peter and Paul Salesian School Accepting Applications: Our K-8 Salesian school is accepting applications for this year and next. Call the school at 415-421-5219 for more information, and visit to learn more about the school.

Monthly Gatherings for Men Discerning a Priestly Vocation: These are discontinued for now, but the email address are valid for those men who are interested: Our Lord told Peter and the others that they are to be Fishers of Men! “Interested in knowing more about the priesthood as a vocation? Discernment involves listening to God, learning about yourself, and seeking the guidance of others. Discernment is not a solitary endeavor. There are two options: In Redwood City on the first Monday of each month, from 6:15 – 8:30PM at St. Pius X Church, 1100 Woodside Rd. Redwood City; In San Francisco on the first Thursday of each month, from 6:15 – 8:30PM at Church of the Epiphany, 826 Vienna Street, San Francisco. The program is Eucharistic Adoration in the church, followed by dinner and discussion in the rectory. For more information, Fr. Tom Martin at or Fr. Patrick Summerhays at “We need men to give their lives up for Jesus Christ NOW!

Speaking of Vocations: Could God be Calling Me? YES! God calls each of us to life, to wholeness, and to service. The task of the young adult is to discern what path God wants him or her to follow.

The Lord calls most people to marriage and family. For the Christian young adult this is a very important decision. Choosing to marry is not just a romantic response, but also a very specific process that includes prayer, investigation, involvement, and experience.

God calls some people to religious life as a Sister, Brother, or Priest. A religious vocation follows the same process. We call this the discernment process. Want to learn more about the Salesian Vocation? Email Fr. John Roche, SDB at


Liturgical Calendar
Sunday                  31           Pentecost Sunday
Monday                 01           The Blessed Virgin Mary;  Mother of the Church
Tuesday                 02           Marcellinus and Peter; Martyrs
Wednesday           03           Charles Lwanga and Companions; Martyrs
Thursday               04           Weekday in Ordinary Time
Friday                    05           Boniface; Bishop, Martyr
Saturday                06           Norbert; Bishop
Sunday                  07           The Most Holy Trinity

Your faithful donations of last week will be published after the epidemic has passed.
Thank you! Your parish appreciates your continued support!



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