Acts 12: 1-11; 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 17-18; Matthew 16:13-19. In the first reading, Peter is arrested and imprisoned. An angel of the Lord wakes Peter from his sleep and leads him out of the prison. Paul writes to Timothy, The time of my departure is at hand. I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith. In the Gospel, Jesus asks his disciples: Who do you say that I am? Simon Peter says, You are the Christ, the Son of the living God. Jesus tells Peter that he is the rock upon whom the Church will be built.


 San Pietro e Paolo

Pietro, pescatore di Galilea, è chiamato da Gesù a diventare pescatore di uomini; Paolo, il fariseo osservante della legge, diviene per elezione Apostolo della genti. Sulla loro testimonianza trova fondamento la nostra fede. Dalla loro fedeltà nasce lo stimolo a dire “sì” al Signore, che ci chiama donandoci la fede.








Dear Friends,

First, best wishes for the Feast of Saints. Peter & Paul which we celebrate today. We ask that they might intercede for all of us at this parish named in their honor!

This Sunday is my last Sunday assigned here at the parish. After mass today I leave for a week of meetings at a retreat center in Capitola. The Provincial Council will deliberate for a week planning for this coming apostolic year in our Salesian works in the Western Province of the Salesians of Don Bosco. When the meeting ends on Friday, July 1, I will move into the Salesian Provincial Office at 1100 Franklin St. San Francisco, CA 94109.

There I will begin my work as the Director of the Office and Province Secretary. It is administrative work for the functioning of the Province. I ask your prayers as I move on to this new assignment.

I have spent six years here at Sts. Peter & Paul Parish. I am grateful to God and to all of you for this experience. The last sixteen months operating under the constraints of the pandemic have been very trying, especially with the death of Fr. Robert Stein whose ashes were finally laid to rest in a Burial Mass on July 20, at the Salesian Cemetery in Richmond. His family members, friends and the Salesian Family were present.

Being a Pastor in ordinary times is enough of a challenge, let alone in the time of the pandemic. Economically it has and continues to be a challenge. Pastorally, enduring the closure of the Church and two years of Holy Week without the faithful fully present was sad. We endeavored to do what we could in compliance with the city, the state and archdiocesan authority.

I, for my personal part, ask pardon of any I may have offended in any way as I strived to fulfill my work at the parish. I ask for a place in your prayers as I continue my vocation as a Salesian (55 years) and as a priest (45 years). May God grant me more time to serve Him and the People of God. I hold you all in my heart and in my prayers.


Fr. Gael E. Sullivan, SDB
Salesian of Don Bosco

Mass Intentions For The Week 

Sunday                                 June 27, 2021
8:45        Giosue Bresolin & Giovanni Santa Lucia, & Franco & Lodovico Ortesi +
Luigi Marciano +
10:15     Guy & Susie Fabri +
12:00     Carla Ferrando + – Domenico, Francesca, Tom, Giuseppe, & Frances Cresci +
5:00        Anthony Vincent Cataldo + 

Monday                               June 28, 2021
7:00        Birthday of Rose Marenzi +
9:00        Tony & Vera Romeo +– Paul De Martini + 

Tuesday                               June 29, 2021
7:00        Thanksgiving for the Petrine & Priestly   Ministry of Benedict XVI and the Priestly  Ministry of Fr. Mario Rosso, SDB + and his Brother Salesians
9:00        In Honor of Madonna della Guardia – Detective Luca Benedetti + 

Wednesday                       June 30, 2021
7:00        Frank Sanguinetti +
9:00        Thomas Balistreri + – Socrates Paschalides + 

Thursday                             July 1, 2021
7:00        Tom & Annette Lazio +
9:00        Soul of Luis San Gabriel, Sr. + – Robert Figone + 

Friday                                   July 2, 2021
7:00        Tom & Serge Cincotta +
9:00        In Honor of La Madonna delle Grazie –
Socrates Paschalides +

Saturday                             July 3, 2021
7:30        Birthday of Nancy Massetani +
9:00        Birthday of Francesco Germano +
5:00        Daniel Scopel +


Rafael Jimenez and Melissa Colmenares

Maria Grazia Addiego – Robert (Bob) Figone

Particular Items

Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul: Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Peter and Paul, the patrons of our church. Peter and Paul, pray for us!

Second Collection: Today we have a second collection for Peter’s Pence. Please be generous!

Welcome, Fr. Tho! This week we welcome our incoming pastor, Fr. Tho (pronounced ‘Ta’) Bui, SDB! We welcome Fr. Tho, and we thank our outgoing pastor, Fr. Gael Sullivan, for all his hard work. We will have a combined Thank you! and Welcome! reception for both Fr. Tho and Fr. Gael on Sunday, August 22, following the 12 noon Mass. Mark your calendars!

Daily Rosary: The Rosary is prayed M-F following the 7:00AM and Saturday following the 7:30AM Mass.. Come join us! And parishioners at the 9:00AM are invited to start praying a rosary after that Mass to. Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

Eucharistic Adoration/Holy Hour: Come and share your  joys and struggles with Jesus—He wants to see you and hear about your day! Every Wednesday, Holy Hour is from 7:00-8:00PM, and is also livestreamed.

Confessions: Please make an appointment for confession by calling the parish office.

Archdiocesan Annual Appeal: The 2021 AAA has begun. This year our assessment is $57,954. So far, 47 parishioners have pledged/paid $21,845, leaving us with a balance of $36,109. Please join your fellow parishioners in meeting our shared obligation! We also are responsible for a balance of $70,749 on our AAA from last year. Please help us meet this obligation.

Saints Peter and Paul Salesian School Accepting Applications: Our K-8 Salesian school is accepting applications for this year and next. Call the school at 415-421-5219 for more information, and visit to learn more about the school.

Religious Education – RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults):  We welcome adults who would like to enter the Catholic faith, or those who have not received the Sacraments of Confirmation and or Eucharist. For more information,

The Year of St. Joseph: “The beloved Pope John Paul II, who was very devoted to St Joseph, left us an awesome meditation dedicated to him in the Apostolic Exhortation Redemptoris Custos, “Guardian of the Redeemer”. Among the many aspects it highlights, particular emphasis is placed on the silence of St Joseph. His is a silence permeated by contemplation of the mystery of God, in an attitude of total availability to his divine wishes. In other words, the silence of St Joseph was not the sign of an inner void, but on the contrary, of the fullness of faith he carried in his heart, and which guided each and every one of his thoughts and actions.

A silence thanks to which Joseph, in unison with Mary, could be the guardian of the Word of God, known through the Sacred Scriptures, coming face to face with it continuously in the events of the life of Jesus; a silence interwoven with constant prayer, prayer of the blessing of the Lord, of adoration of his holy will and of unreserved trust in his providence. It is no exaggeration to say that it was from his ‘father’ Joseph that Jesus acquired – on the human level – that robust interiority which presupposes authentic justice, the ‘superior justice’ which He would one day teach to his disciples (cfr Mt 5:20).

Let us allow ourselves to be ‘infected’ by the silence of St Joseph! We have much need of it in a world which is often too noisy, which does not encourage reflection and listening to the voice of God.” –Pope Benedict XVI, Homily on the Feast of St. Joseph, 2010.

Religious Education-CCD:  Classes are held every Sunday from 9:45am to 11:00am. Learn more on our website:

HELP: Remember your Church still needs your gifts. Go here to help:

Liturgical Calendar
Sunday                 27           External Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul; Apostles, Martyrs, Patrons
Monday                28           Irenaeus; Bishop, Martyr
Tuesday               29           Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul
Wednesday         30           The First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church
Thursday             01           Junipero Serra; Priest
Friday                   02           Weekday in Ordinary Time
Saturday              03           Thomas; Apostle
Sunday                 04           14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Your gifts of June 19/20:                          $2,867.
Second Collection (parish school):            $672.
Thank you! Your parish appreciates your continued support!



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