Jeremiah 23:1-6; Ephesians 2:13-18; Mark 6:30-34. In the first reading, the Lord holds past leaders accountable for the scattering of God’s people. Jeremiah prophesies the return from exile and restoration of a noble king. Paul shares the good news that through Christ Jesus, all people are reconciled to God and have access in one Spirit to the Father. In the Gospel, Jesus and the Apostles seek to get away from the crowds and rest, but the cannot. Jesus’ heart is moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd.

 Domenico 16A Del Tempo Ordinario

Occorre aprire il proprio cuore a Colui che si è fatto nostro pastore, donando la sua vita. Molte persone sono disorientate dal comportamento di coloro che pensano solo ai propri interessi, chiudenosi in se stessi e nel disinteresse.


 瑪爾谷福音6:30-34,記述耶穌派門徒們出外傳教,他們全神専注於救靈工作上,緊急和辛勞,瑪爾谷兩次記載了他們連吃飯的時間也沒有。傳揚福音是件重要的事,有時為了救人靈魂,我們可能改變自己原有的計劃。但不能做出超過我們體能的事。耶穌叫門徒們來到身邊  ,要他們私下到荒野的地方休息一會。耶穌教我們要有普通常識,努力做傳教工作固然是件好事,但不能超出自己體力,必需要休息。怎樣休息呢?不是什麼事情都不做,而是把心神放在耶穌身邊,靜下來,和祂一起祈禱。這是最有效的「充電」方法,使我們恢復體力,振作精神。內心寧靜便能聽到上主的話,好能在日常生活中付諸實行。

每個身為耶穌信徒的人都有做宗徒事業的責任 ,   這責任可以在家庭、在學校,在工作場所實行出來,但不管怎樣辛勞或怎樣微小的工作,做的時候如果有祈禱的心,求耶穌幫助,事情一定會做得比較好


From Fr. Ramon: Why do we drive Toyotas, wear Nikes, drink Gatorade, put on Avon make-up?

It’s because we listen and pay attention to their advertisements.

We believe who we pay attention to.

There are so many voices around us that send messages and fight for our attention every moment of our waking day. We allow them to help us decide what to eat, what to wear, where to go, what to do.

God’s voice is also among these voices calling for our attention. If we pay close attention, we shall hear his voice – the voice of his Word of Life.

Right now, over our heads, there are thousands of frequencies broadcasting messages and tunes. We shall, however, only hear the broadcast we tune into with our receivers.

We need to form ourselves into good receivers to tune into God’s broadcast station.

“Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” Jesus tells us this Sunday.

By habitually quieting ourselves down and spending quality time with the Lord is how we shall grow to recognize his voice and his messages that constantly fill the space of our daily lives. If we are able to dedicate moments of our day with the Word of God – and for us the Word of God is not simply what’s in Scripture, but more than that, the Word of God is Someone who has become one of and still lives and moves among us – Jesus Christ – then we shall grow to be sensitive to and discern God’s voice, God’s messages and God’s calling out to us amidst the noise and innumerable voices of those who try to convince us, with a plethora of advertisements, to buy their products mostly for their own profit.

Jesus is the best of all preachers because he “walks his talk”. He spent a lot of quiet quality time in dialogue with God. So he truly is the Shepherd who leads us to everlasting “verdant pastures”. Who else shall we pay close attention to?

Fr. Ramon Zarate, SDB
Parochial Vicar


Mass Intentions For The Week

Sunday                                July 18, 2021
8:45        Mr. & Mrs. Marco & Sabina Zolezzi + – Mr. Luigi Marciano +
10:15     For the People of Saints Peter and Paul
12:00     Ms. Carla Ferrando + – Birthday of  Mrs. Lucia Tedesco-Montalvo +
5:00        Mr. Vincent Gagliardi +

Monday                               July 19, 2021
7:00        Fortunato, Antonia, & Giuseppe D’Ascoli +
9:00        For the Soul of Martha Bini + – Birthday of Harry Diamond +

Tuesday                               July 20, 2021
7:00        Louis, Eugenia, & Raymond Raggio +
9:00        Egisto, Nella, & Ivano Daini +

Wednesday                       July 21, 2021
7:00        Luigi, Rosa & Hilda Mangini & Mr. Frank Lucier +
9:00        Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Jacqueline Longinotti + – Mrs. Claudesta Gould +

Thursday                             July 22, 2021
7:00        Mr. Evaret Jorgensen +
9:00        Juanita Cong + & Mariano Uy +

Friday                                   July 23, 2021
7:00        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Grace Mazzaferri +
9:00        Birthday of Mrs. Teresa Bonjean + – George Muntean +

Saturday                              July 24, 2021
7:30        Mr. Angelo Sanguinetti +
9:00        Special Blessings for Daniel Ortega
5:00        Mr. Gig Ghiglieri +

Jimmy Tobin & Adriana Diakite


Particular Items

Livestream Changes: Beginning in August we are reducing the Mass livestreaming to one Mass (9:00AM weekdays and  just one Mass on Sundays) Let us know your thoughts on which Sunday Mass should stream.

Regular Confession Schedule Resuming: Starting the first Saturday of August (August 7) regular confessions in the confessionals will be heard from 4-5:00PM on Saturdays. Until then, please make an appointment for confession by calling the parish office.

Daily Rosary: The Rosary is prayed M-F following the 7:00AM and Saturday following the 7:30AM Mass.. Come join us! And parishioners at the 9:00AM are invited to start praying a rosary after that Mass to. Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

Eucharistic Adoration/Holy Hour: Come and share your  joys and struggles with Jesus—He wants to see you and hear about your day! Every Wednesday, Holy Hour is from 7:00-8:00PM.

Salesian Professions: On Sunday, August 15 at the 5:00pm Mass, two Salesian Brothers will make their religious vows. They are Novice: Reegan Ledet (First Profession) and Brother: Khoa Pham (Perpetual Profession). Please pray for them as they take this important step!

Archdiocesan Annual Appeal: The 2021 AAA has begun. This year our assessment is $57,954. So far, 54 parishioners have pledged/paid $24,045 leaving us with a balance of $33,909. Please join your fellow parishioners in meeting our shared obligation! We also are responsible for a balance of $70,749 on our AAA from last year. Please help us meet this obligation.

Saints Peter and Paul Salesian School Accepting Applications: Our K-8 Salesian school is accepting applications for this year and next. Please email Dr. Lisa Harris at, and visit to learn more about the school.

Religious Education – RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults):  We welcome adults who would like to enter the Catholic faith, or those who have not received the Sacraments of Confirmation and or Eucharist. For more information,

The Year of St. Joseph: “‘Behold, your father and I have been looking for you anxiously’…. ‘How is it that you sought me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?‘” (Lk 2: 48-49).

In this simple, family conversation between Mother and Son, which we heard a few moments ago in the Gospel, we find the characteristics of Joseph’s holiness. They correspond to God’s plan for him, which he, being the just man that he was, would fulfil with marvelous fidelity.

‘Your father and I have been looking for you anxiously’, Mary said. ‘I must be in my Father’s house’, Jesus replies. It is precisely these words of the Son that help us to understand the mystery of Joseph’s ‘fatherhood’. In reminding his parents of the primacy of the One whom he called ‘my Father’, Jesus reveals the truth about Mary’s and Joseph’s role. The latter was truly Mary’s “husband” and Jesus’ “father”, as she affirmed when she said: ‘Your father and I have been looking for you’. But his being a husband and father is totally subordinate to that of God. This is how Joseph of Nazareth was called, in turn, to become one of Jesus’ disciples: by dedicating his life to serving the only-begotten Son of the Father and of his Virgin Mother, Mary.

It is a mission that he continues to carry out for the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, to which he never fails to give his provident care, as he did for the humble family of Nazareth.”- St. Pope John Paul II, 2001.

Religious Education-CCD:  Classes are held every Sunday from 9:45am to 11:00am. Learn more on our website:

HELP: Remember your Church still needs your gifts. Go here to help:

Liturgical Calendar
Sunday                 18           16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Monday               19           Weekday in Ordinary Time
Tuesday               20           Apollinaris; Bishop, Martyr
Wednesday         21           Lawrence of Brindisi; Bishop, Doctor
Thursday             22           Mary Magdalene
Friday                   23           Bridget; Religious
Saturday              24           Sharbel Makhlüf
Sunday                 25           17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Your gifts of last week:                                $2,679.
Second Collection (Mission Appeal):       $3,418.
Weekly Cost to Operate Church:               $17,066.

Thank you! Your parish appreciates your continued support!

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