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March 1, 2020: First Sunday of Lent

Genesis 2:7-9, 3:17; Romans 5:12-19 or 5:12, 17-19; Matthew 4:1-11. In the first reading, the woman and her husband eat fruit from the tree of life, and realize they are naked. In the Letter to the Romans, Paul reassures us that God’s grace surpasses any of our sins. In the Gospel, the devil tempts Jesus […]

February 23, 2020: Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Leviticus 19:1-2, 17-18; 1 Corinthians 3:16-23; Matthew 5:38-48. In Leviticus, the Lord declares his statutes to Moses for the Israelites, calling them to holiness and love. In our second reading, Paul instructs the Corinthians, calling them to holiness as temples of the Holy Spirit. In the Gospel from Matthew, Jesus preaches a new standard of […]

February 16, 2020: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sirach 15:15-20; 1 Corinthians 2:6-10; Matthew 5:17-37 or 5:20-22a, 27-28, 33-34a, 37. In the first reading, Sirach tells the people they can choose to follow the commandments, or not. But keeping the commandments will save them. In Saint Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians, he writes of the greatness prepared for those who love God. In […]

February 9: The Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 58:7-10; 1 Corinthians 2:1-5; Matthew 5:13-16. In the first reading from Isaiah, the Lord says to care for others, and then your light shall break forth like the dawn. Saint Paul writes to the Corinthians of Christ crucified. In the Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples they are the salt of the earth and the […]

February 2, 2020: The Presentation of the Lord

Malachi 3:1-4; Hebrews 2:14-18; Luke 2:22-40 or 2:22-32. In the first reading, the prophet Malachi describes the one who will prepare a way before the Lord when he comes to purify his people. The author of Hebrews describes how Jesus came to share in flesh and blood like God’s children so as to expiate the […]


January 26, 2020: Feast of St. John Bosco!

Ezekiel 34:11-12, 15-16, 23-24, 30-31-31; Psalm 33; Philippians 4:4-9; Matthew 18:1-6, 10. God will look after his sheep, since bad rulers have led the sheep astray. God will send a new David to lead them who is none other than the Good Shepherd, Jesus. The psalmist tells us: “Blessed are they who put their trust […]


January 19, 2020: Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 49: 3, 5-6; 1 Corinthians 1:1-13; John 1:29-34. In the first reading, God reminds Isaiah that Israel is the Lord’s servant. Paul greets the Church of Corinth, announcing he has been called to be an Apostle. In the Gospel, John announces Jesus as the Lamb of God. Domenica 2A Del Tempo Ordinario   Giovanni […]

January 12, 2020: The Baptism of the Lord

Isaiah 41: 1-4, 6-7; Acts 10:34-38; Matthew 3:13-17. Isaiah shares the Lord’s promise of a servant of the Lord who will come forth and bring justice to the nations. In the second reading, Peter tells those gathered that God shows no partiality. All who fear him and act uprightly are acceptable to him. In the […]

January 5, 2020: The Epiphany of the Lord

Isaiah 60: 1-6; Ephesians 3:2-3a, 5-6; Matthew 2:1-12. Isaiah prophesies that a light has come to Jerusalem, while darkness covers the earth. All will come to the city bearing gold and frankincense, and proclaiming the praises of the Lord. Paul tells the Ephesians that Gentiles are coheirs of God, along with the people of Israel. […]

December 29, 2019: The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

Sirach 3:2-6, 12-14; Colossians 3:12-21 or 3:12-17; Matthew 2:13-15, 19-23. Sirach writes about family relationships and duties, especially that of honoring one’s parents all the days of their lives. Paul instructs the Colossians on how to love one another and live for Christ. In the Gospel, Joseph follows the instructions of the angels who led […]