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August 18, 2019: 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jeremiah 38:4-6, 8-10; Hebrews 12:1-4; Luke 12:49-53. Jeremiah is imprisoned under the authority of King Zedekiah because the people ate upset by his words. But a court official convinces the king to release him. The writer of Hebrews challenges the community to rid [themselves] of every burden of sin and to keep their eyes fixed […]

August 11, 2019: 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Wisdom 18:6-9; Hebrews 11:1-2, 8-19 or 11:1-2, 8-12; Luke 12:32-48 or 12: 35-40. The reading from the Book of Wisdom recounts the faith of the forefathers on the night of Passover. The Letter to the Hebrews reminds us of Abraham’s unwavering faith in things unseen. In the Gospel, Jesus uses a parable to teach the […]

August 4, 2018: The 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ecclesiastes 1:2, 2-21:23; Colossians 3:1-5, 9-11; Luke 12:13-21. Our first reading speaks about the foolishness of vanity, and misdirected labor. Saint Paul writes to the Colossians, instructing them not to return to their old way of life, but to seek what is above. In the Gospel, Jesus tells the crowd to Take care to guard […]


二零一九年七月二十日, 華人中,心週年郊遊, 於金門橋畔海濱公園。 Chinese Apostolate’s Annual Picnic at the Marina by the Golden Gate Bridge. July 20, 2019:

July 28, 2019: 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Genesis 18:20-32; Colossians 2:12-14; Luke 11:1-13. In the first reading, God assures Abraham that he would be merciful to the righteous. In his Letter to the Colossians, Paul writes that Christ took our sins to the cross, so by faith we are forgiven all our transgressions. In the Gospel, Jesus teaches the disciples how to […]

July 21, 2019: 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Genesis 18:1-10a; Colossians 1:24-28; Luke 10:38-42. In the first reading, Abraham gladly welcomes three strangers into his home. Saint Paul reminds us that it is always Jesus Christ we proclaim. In the Gospel, Martha and Mary welcome Jesus into their homes in different ways.   Domenica 16A Del Tempo Ordinario Dio si è fatto nostro […]

July 14, 2019: 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Deuteronomy 30:10-14; Colossians 1:15-20; Luke 10: 25-37. In the first reading, Moses calls on the people to heed the voice of God written in their hearts. The second reading reminds us of Christ Jesus as the image of the invisible God, through whom all things were created and who made peace by the blood of […]

July 7, 2019: 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 66:10-14c; Galatians 6:14-18; Luke 10: 1-12, 17-20, or 10:1-9. The prophet Isaiah instructs us to rejoice because the Lord assures us he will extend prosperity and comfort. In Paul’s Letter to the Galatians, he writes that the cross of Jesus Christ has brought about a new creation, one which will bring peace and mercy […]

June 30, 2019: The Solemnity of Ss. Peter and Paul!

Acts 12:1-11; 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 17-18; Matthew 16:13-19. The first reading recounts Peter’s miraculous liberation from prison. In the second reading, Paul, reflecting on his life of ministry, comments that he has fought the good fight. All the while he credits the Lord with rescuing him from every harm. In the Gospel, Jesus gives Peter […]