Isaiah 50:4c-9a; James 2:14-18; Mark 8:27-35. In the first reading, Isaiah declares his trust in God to uphold him. In the second reading, James explains the necessity of works to accompany and demonstrate faith. In the Gospel, Peter confesses his faith in Jesus as the Christ. Jesus predicts his passion, then explains to Peter and the disciples that they must follow him.


Domenico 24A Del Tempo Ordinario

Per l’evangelista marco, Gesù è Figlio di Dio perché muore sulla croce, rendendosi pienamente disponsibile come “servo.” Anche noi dobbiamo essere come Lui, uscendo da noi stessi, dai nostri desideri di potere, dalla ricerca di possesso per aprirci agli altri.



今天的福音聖經學者有兩個解釋:耶穌問門徒以為祂是誰;另一個解釋是耶穌問自己是誰。不管耶穌提出這問題的目的是什麼,這問題都與我們自己有關 —— 我要問自己,我以為耶穌是誰?如果我們認為耶穌是天主,那麼,我們就應該追隨祂,全心信賴祂,對祂效忠,並向祂學習。


 怎樣向耶穌學習呢?從讀經二中可以得到啟發 , 雅各伯認為信耶穌就必需像祂一樣行善,沒有善行的信德是死的,是空言,不能得到救贖。信德必需以行為去證明。信和實行是相輔相承的,二者缺一都不能,其中之一是對受苦的人予以同情和實際的幫助。`


我以為耶穌是誰?這是我們一生不斷問自己的問題。 我所遇到的每一個經驗,每一個挑戰,都要問自己我的言行是不是以祂的為準則?我們知道,跟隨祂直到生命終結之日,會到達一個崇高的境界,人生的路程是有意義的



Dear Parishioners,

The theme for this Sunday readings is “Faith”. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states, “When St. Peter confessed that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, Jesus declared to him that this revelation did not come “from flesh and blood”, but from “my Father who is in heaven.” (Mt. 16:17) Faith is a gift of God, a supernatural virtue infused by him. “Before this faith can be exercised, man must have the grace of God to move and assist him; he must have the interior helps of the Holy Spirit, who moves the heart and converts it to God, who opens the eyes of the mind and ‘makes it easy for all to accept and believe the truth.'” (CCC #153).

In the first reading, Prophet Isaiah tells us that he has faith in God whom he can trust for help and guidance. Isaiah writes, “The Lord is my help therefore I am not disgraced.” (Is 50:7). With God’s grace, he is not afraid to face those who verbally and physically confront him. He lets the enemies know that, having faith in God, he can act generously.

Today’s Gospel of Mark tells us that Jesus tests his disciples about their faith by asking them who he is. Although Jesus’ disciples walk side by side with Jesus and witness his teachings, they do not have a clear idea who Jesus is. Only Peter did, who testified on their behalf, “You are the Christ.” (Mark 8:29). Then Jesus warns them that the Son of God has to face opposition, suffering, and death. As the followers of Jesus, they will face the challenge of witnessing to Jesus’ name. In our daily activities, putting our faith in practice often makes us ask “how”? With God’s grace, we can put our faith in practice by getting involved in charitable works and the church ministries.

St. James’ letter reminds us that if we have faith and do not put it into work or practice, it is dead. When we received baptism we professed our faith and every time we gather for the Eucharist we profess our faith (the creed). We do believe in Jesus who suffered and died for our sins. Therefore, our profession of faith is not only on our lips, but must be put into action. Like the disciples of Jesus, we are called to imitate Christ by sharing our time, gifts and resources to help others, especially those who are in need.

I have learned that our parish community does put faith in actions. Evidently, there are many parishioners who are actively involved in the parish community by volunteering time and contributing financial resources to help the parish events and ministries.

Have a blessed week!

Fr. Tho Bui, SDB


Mass Intentions For The Week

Sunday                                September 12, 2021
8:45        Virginia Sanguinetti + – Frank & Linda Machi +
10:15     Guy & Susie Fabri +
12:00     For the People of Saints Peter and Paul – Steve & Lena Cuneo +
5:00        Giuseppe & Angela Balistreri & Family +

Monday                               September 13, 2021
7:00        Ettorina Cardella & Family +
9:00        Luigi & Rosa Mangini +

Tuesday                               September 14, 2021
7:00        Birthday of Valentine Te + – Birthday of Lucy Chan
9:00        Egisto, Nello, & Ivano Daini + 

Wednesday                       September 15, 2021
7:00        Ettorina Cardella & Family +
9:00        Death Anniversary of Frank (Biscotti) Reginato + 

Thursday                             September 16, 2021
7:00        Birthday Isabel Sia Lu Regan – Intention the Prevadeli Family
9:00        Antonio Corona + 

Friday                                   September 17, 2021
7:00        Edward J. Sabini +
9:00        Pietro Damato + 

Saturday                              September 18, 2021
7:30        Birthday Leia Sia Lu Regan
9:00        Luigi Marciano +
5:00        Louis Greco & Family + 

Jaxon Trillo – Quinn Trillo

Andrew De Luca & Gianna Rossi
Jason Ellement & Christine Torok

Mara Amato


Particular Items

Holy Name Society: SSPP’s Holy Name Society, will NOT be able to host Champagne Bingo this year due to COVID. However, we will be conducting our monthly meeting on today, Sunday September 12, after the 8:45 Mass. Coffee and donuts in the Parish center & new/prospective Members welcome!

Together in Holiness Marriage Conference: On Saturday, September 18, 2021, at the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Belmont, the St. John Paul II Foundation and the Archdiocese of San Francisco Office of Marriage and Family will present this year’s Together in Holiness Conference. Together in Holiness is unique in that it offers a place of encounter, where God’s plan for marriage and family is proclaimed and a desire for holiness is enkindled in the hearts of married couples. This is complemented by ongoing formation for spouses within a natural community of friends who accompany each other on the path to holiness by providing formation that will help learning take root in daily living.  For more information, please visit or email

Salesian Jubilees & Reception: On Sunday, September 19th at the 5pm Mass, we will be celebrating several milestone anniversaries- Fr. Tom Prendiville, 75 years of Religious Profession and 65 years of Ordination, Frs. Al Mengon and Harold Danielson, 65 years of Religious Profession, Fr. John Lam, 60 Years of Religious Profession and 50 years of Ordination and Fr. Ramon Zarate, 40 years of Religious Profession, as well as others from the SDB Western Province. Afterwards, we will have a dinner reception in the parish auditorium. Buffet style- steak, salmon, pasta, salad, wine and desert for $25. Reservations and payments can be made at the parish office by Wednesday, September 15 so that we can notify the caterer. Please come and celebrate the many years of ministry of these wonderful Salesian priests.

San Francisco Rosary Rally: This year’s Rosary Rally will be on Saturday, October 2, beginning at 11AM. There will be a procession from Saints Peter and Paul, beginning at 10:15 AM. If you don’t want to process, you can meet us at the Cathedral. Fr. Christopher LaRocca will be the speaker, and Archbishop Cordileone will celebrate Mass at 12:30.

Madonna del Lume: We will honor Madonna del Lume, and remember all fishermen and others lost at sea on Sunday, October 3 at the noon Mass. Mass will be followed by the annual Procession to the Fisherman’s Chapel at the Wharf, where there will be  the Blessing of the Fishing Fleet and Memorial Flower sendoff.

Columbus Day Bazaar: Mark your calendars—the 102nd Annual Columbus Day Bazaar is coming! This year’s Bazaar will be on Friday, October 8 (5-9PM) & Saturday & Sunday October 9-10 (11AM-6PM). Join us for food, fun, and fellowship, games for adults and kids, music, the Blue Angels & more! On Friday the 8th there will be special event for SSPP Alumni. Visit our website for details.

Church Flowers: Would you like to sponsor a weekend of fresh flowers for your Church? Help beautify the Church, and your intention will be included in the bulletin. Call 415-421-0809.

Saints Peter and Paul Salesian School Accepting Applications: Our K-8 Salesian school is accepting applications for this year and next. Please email Dr. Lisa Harris at, and visit to learn more about the school.

Religious Education – RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults):  We welcome adults who would like to enter the Catholic faith, or those who have not received the Sacraments of Confirmation and or Eucharist. For more information,

Religious Education-CCD:  Classes are held every Sunday from 9:45am to 11:00am. Learn more on our website:

Please pray: For all who are sick, lonely, and nearing the ends of their lives.

Liturgical Calendar
Sunday                 12           24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Monday               13           John Chrysostom; Bishop, Doctor
Tuesday               14           The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
Wednesday         15           Our Lady of Sorrows
Thursday             16           Cornelius; Pope, & Cyprian; Bishop, Martyrs
Friday                   17           Robert Bellarmine; Bishop, Doctor
Saturday              18           Commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sunday                 19           25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Your gifts of last week: $2,881.
Second Collection (Catholic University)  $784.
Weekly Cost to Operate Church:               $17,066.
Thank you! Your parish appreciates your continued support!



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